Program summary:

  • Age group: 20 months-5 years old
  • Child to teacher ratio: 4:1 to 8:1 (based on age)
  • Availability: We can take care of your child as much as 5 full days or as little as 2 half days.
  • Program Academic Hours: Half Day 9:00am-12:30pm; Full Day 9:00am-3:00pm;
  • Extended Hours Available: 7:30am-9:00am and/or 3:00pm-5:45pm

Program groups

  • Acorns: Ages 20 months – 30 months
  • Sprouts Ages 2-3 years
  • Saplings: Ages 3-4 years
  • Oaks: Ages 4-5 years

Daily activities

  1. Pre-class fun (7:30-9am): We let “kids be kids” with supervised fun on the playground (weather permitting) .
  2. Morning Meeting (9am): We celebrate acts of kindness, mindfulness and share upcoming activities for the day and reinforce, through modeling, expectations of behavior.
  3. Snack + Learning (9:15-11:30am): Following the morning meeting, classes dismiss to a nutritious morning snack followed by teacher led instruction designed to explore learning topics in an environment that promotes collaboration, communications and critical thinking as well as individual and paired project time.
  4. Outdoor fun + lunch 11:30am-12:30pm: Later in the morning, activities move to outdoor fun as assigned staff prepares the childrens’ lunches for serving.
  5. Half Day Dismissal (12:30-12:45pm) After lunch together, and a stretch to get out the wiggly-gigglies, Half Day students get ready for pickup while Full Day students have a little more outdoor time.
  6. Nap time (1pm): Full Day students form groups for “Happy Nappy” to rest and renew before afternoon sessions begin.
  7. Afternoon activities: These activities feature art and music themes and blend learning center and whole class structures.
  8. End-of-day activities: Following an afternoon snack prepared by the staff, end of day activities vary based upon group needs and readiness. Students are released to parents between 4-5:45pm daily.
  9. *Specials: During the week designated teachers offer special programs, such as Music & Movement, Science Matters, and Mindfulness as part of our curriculum. Junior Gym and Yoga are both offered once a week for an added fee.

Summer Camp program

The adventure doesn’t end just because school does! Shortly after the school year ends, our Summer Camp program begins!

See summer camp info and forms by clicking here.

How to enroll your child

1) Schedule a tour (available by appointment on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday between 9:45 and 10:45am).

2) Fill out all of the appropriate forms on the Preschool Program Forms page by clicking here.

3) Submit completed forms with a non-refundable $75 fee beginning in January. Enrollment commitments begin in March.