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A number of exciting field trips are planned each year either to enhance a monthly theme or seasonal activity or sometimes for just plain FUN! These trips are primarily targeted for those children who have enrolled for the Full Days Off Option or the Fulltime Option. Trips are scheduled in advance for those ‘covered’ days when school is closed and the EDP is open (see important dates section).

Permission slips are distributed 7 to 10 days prior to the event and parents are required to sign and return these slips before the event. Any child who does not have a signed permission slip will not be permitted to attend the EDP that day.

Fees for transportation and admission will apply and will be charged to each child’s account upon receipt of the permission slip on or before the deadline date. Fees will apply to “no shows” as well.

  Often such trips require a fee for transportation and admission. All children regularly scheduled will be charged directly to your account on the deadline date for signing up, even if the child does not attend, unless we are notified otherwise prior to the deadline.

Reason: Advance payments are often required when booking a field trip or transportation, each child normally enrolled for that day is considered in that number.