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We are required to have in place what is called an EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PLAN. This plan outlines what action we would take in case of various emergency situations and is filed with the county, township, and police/fire department. If such an emergency should arise when the children would need to be evacuated from the program, parents/guardians would be called immediately and informed of the situation.

All EDProgram Staff are trained in basic first aid and are equipped to attend to minor accidents/incidents. In such cases, parents/guardians will be contacted immediately for additional instructions and a report will be filed for reference.

  We also encourage you to give your child emergency instructions just in case he/she may forget to go to the Extended Day Program and decides to get on the bus. In the unlikely event that your child does not report to the after school program as scheduled, the EDP Staff has the following plan in place:

• Check with the NH-S office and teacher to see where the child was sent upon dismissal.
• Call the bus company to inform the driver to return the child to the program.
• Call parents/guardians.