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In a time of amazing technology and academic pressure that seems to be creeping into our lives at a younger and younger age, we began to feel the need to find a balance and connection with the natural rhythm of learning and development. It began with the effort of going “green” and making a connection to being kind to, and caring for the earth. A recycling program was put in place and a “garbage free” lunch program was set in motion. Children began to have conversations about saving the earth, lunches began getting healthier with less packaged foods. As we explored the idea of teaching young children about the environment and healthy choices we found that to truly teach them to be a responsible environmental citizen we must first teach them about the wonders of nature and the joys to be found in a walk through the woods, the growing of plants for consumption and beauty. It is through this connection, the respect and love of the natural environment, a bond and commitment to preserve it will grow. Our Environmental Program was born.

Now a small plot of land has been cleared and fenced all with the idea of creating a community garden. Starting with our children enrolled in our program, we envision it growing to include alumni and children enrolled in the extended day programs at the elementary and middle schools extended all the way to the Environmental Club at the High School. A garden uniting all levels of the educational community. The families will be encouraged to participate as well. Planning, preparing, planting, caring, harvesting together naturally.

As we go along, updates will be posted with information sharing our journey, and hopefully, inspiring others to join in, share their knowledge, try it on their own. It is a great journey to begin!

Garden Newsletter