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Jr. Gym is a mobile physical fitness program that arrives every Thursday morning and transforms the large lobby area of The Clubhouse into a fitness gymnasium with colorful mats and age appropriate gymnastics equipment. It is a program that teaches physical fitness, sports skills, healthy attitudes about exercise and physical well-being. The coaches are gifted with passion and patience and expertly work with all levels of physical development and skills.

Participation in this program is separate from The Clubhouse program and is charged separately. Children are allowed to enroll and participate for just this program if they are not enrolled in our program on Thursdays. The program runs every Thursday from September through June, and for the 8-week Summer session. Enrollment forms are sent out at the beginning of the Fall and Summer sessions.

Wednesday afternoon Terry Adler arrives in our large lobby area with rainbow colored mats, soft meditative music, and the goal to peacefully introduce children to the wonderful world of yoga and discovering their mind, body and heart. Terry has a degree in Early Childhood / Elementary Education and vast training and experience in yoga.

Children in our afternoon program who do not nap have the opportunity to enroll in consecutive 8-week sessions of yoga for preschoolers. It is charged and enrolled separately and enrollment forms are sent out at the beginning of the Fall session.

All Clubhouse staff members use every opportunity to expose the children to communicating in different languages. When possible bi-weekly classes in Spanish are offered to children in the afternoon groups. Familiar books are often read in both English and Spanish. Sign language is introduced with songs and conversation.

Music is integrated in all classroom curriculum. Musical activities, dancing, and songs are used to teach and enhance various educational concepts. Cultural Diversity is introduced through musical activities and experience with many kinds of musical instruments from around the world. Music appreciation is emphasized with many different types of music and it is used to enrich each classroom’s curriculum and environment.

Reading of quality literature is the foundation of a strong preschool reading readiness curriculum. All Clubhouse staff members encourage reading throughout the day. Daily story time with craft projects, discussions and role playing create interest and desire to acquire reading skills. Reading lists along with monthly book club orders create a bridge for reading involvement between home and classroom curriculum. Creating, “writing”, and illustrating self made books sparks young imaginations and builds an understanding of the reading concept. Building a quality classroom library is a priority at The Clubhouse.