All staff members are required to meet or exceed State licensing requirements for staff qualifications. We encourage staff communication and development through bi-monthly staff meetings and extracurricular training.

Requirements and Qualifications
-Basic Qualification requirements: A high school diploma or general education certificate with:

a) 30 credit hours in ECE from university.
b) 600 hours of secondary training-CDA
c) 15 credit hours in ECE with 1 year exp.
d) post-secondary training
e) 2 years exp. with children

Specific Teaching Positions may require additional qualifications which will be specified when hiring for that position.

General Staff Qualifications: all applicants must be able to document the qualifications for the specific teaching position and work experience. All applicants should be able to lift 30 pounds from floor to waist level 10 to 15 times per day. Physically able to move quickly from ground to standing, across the room or playground, throughout all areas of the children's play spaces. Able to observe, see, hear and respond quickly without danger to the applicants health in all areas of the school grounds and on all off site field trips. Must be willing and able to plan outside time and activities daily according to Clubhouse policy. Must be willing to work with the Director on qualifications and training necessary to advance in the Keystone Stars certification and NAEYC accreditation processes. All applicants agree to a yearly evaluation conference with the director and assistant director.

Salary / Pay Schedule: salaries range from $8 - $15+/hour, based on position, responsibility, education, and experience. Paychecks are paid every two weeks. There is a paid two week trial period, an eight week assessment evaluation after which full employment is instated.

There are limited benefits available to employees working 30 or more hours per week in a regular staff position. These benefits include:

  • Assisted Health Benefits
  • Paid and Partial Paid Holidays
  • Paid Sick Days
  • Paid Personal Days/Earned time off
  • Staff Training / co-pay
  • Cheerful and cooperative work environment
  • Flexible Advancement Opportunities


  1. Read through the information on the website.
  2. Write a letter describing yourself, why you have chosen to work with young children, what your teaching goals are, and how you feel you would fit in at the Clubhouse.
  3. Mail or fax your letter of application, a completed application form, and a copy of your resume to:

The Clubhouse for Kids Only, Inc.
2712 North Sugan Road
New Hope, Pennsylvania 18938
fax #: 215-862-1386
Call and schedule a preliminary interview at 215-862-0222.