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The Staff of the Clubhouse is a small intimate team of educators working together to create an environment that recognizes and nurtures the very special aspects of early childhood education. Young children are especially open to explore and learn about their world in a way that is unsurpassed at any other stage of life.

Emphasis is placed on creating a classroom environment where children feel safe and confident to explore and discover through structured and unstructured activities. Play is a very important part of a preschoolers healthy development and their daily rhythm is balanced between academic preparation and playful activities. Kindness and compassion are strongly emphasized and taught as the foundation for establishing a harmonious and cooperative classroom environment with the realization of each individual as part of the school community.

Teachers plan their curriculum alternating between coming together for group activities and dispersing for free play. It is through this careful planning of activities that the young child absorbs the information presented to the group and imitates and strengthens their understanding of the concepts through their play. They learn a love of language and reading readiness through stories, songs and rhymes. They develop a love for learning from positive reinforcement and recognition of accomplishments.

The teachers of each age group follow the same rhythm through their daily activities. However, each classroom and curriculum is totally focused on the needs and development of the children in that group. Activities are age appropriate and are designed with the appropriate levels of challenge to meet each child's needs without becoming boring to some and frustrating to others.

A Sample of Daily Activities for Morning Groups:
Morning Meeting
Snack Time
Circle Time
Music and Movement / Story Time
Learning Centers
Outside Play
Recess and Dismissal

  Morning Meeting: A whole school activity that sets the tone for the day. Each group is greeted and welcomed into the rhythm of the school community with song. Recognition of special achievements, occasions, activities creates a common ground and sense of community. Acknowledging acts of kindness and reciting of the kindness pledge brings the emphasis on awareness and compassion to the forefront.

Snack Time: A chance for conversation and interaction with peers, building relationships and developing friendships. Nutrition and healthy eating is modeled.

Circle Time: A group time with songs, recitations, counting, observations and estimations are designed to develop vocabulary, memorization skills awareness and curiosity all in a fun way.

Music and Movement / Story Time: Children are free to express their creativity through movement, dancing and singing. Stories can be read for pure fun or to illustrate a specific lesson. Stories can be read out loud to the group or alone in a quiet moment in a cozy corner. Movement, songs, dances and stories shared in class can become the common ground for pretend play outside or during other free play activities.

Crafts: An outlet of free expression exploring different art mediums or as activities to build specific skills. Many keepsakes are created from the early years of uninhibited work.

Learning Centers: Working alone or with partners, goals can be set, achieved and recognized. Skills can be measured. Cooperation is fostered, as well as group awareness by moving from activity to activity. A sense of self within a group grows stronger.

Outside Play: Large, more active movements help children grow stronger and improve coordination. Fresh air, the garden, exploring nature create curiosity about all the wonders of the natural world. There is freedom to interact with different age groups, the chance to be loud, fast and free inspire the soul.

Lunch: Healthy food and the chance to socialize with friends with conversation and shared morning activities. A chance to "save the earth" through the recycling and garbage free lunch program.

It is through the repetition and accountability of this daily rhythm that the security and safety allows the full opportunity to learn and grow and to build the strong bridge to later academic learning.