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The Clubhouse offers afternoon hours for families in need of care past the morning core curriculum schedule. The afternoon hours available are 1:00pm through 5:45pm. Our afternoon program has a rhythm and flow quite different from the active, more structured morning program. Through our experience we have found the children look forward to a less structured, more social time of day where a quiet rest time, free play, crafts, and outside time are emphasized. Afternoon enrollment is usually lower allowing for a mix of age groups with friendships developing amongst other members of the Clubhouse community as well as with the staff. Special and enrichment programs are offered throughout the year to the older age groups. All staff members meet regularly to ensure consistency throughout the program.

A Sample of Daily Activities for Afternoon Groups:

Nap // Rest Time
Small Group Time
Free Play // Outside Time
Snack Time
Staggered inside activities / Departure


  There is a peace and calm that settles over the Clubhouse from 1:00pm - 3:00pm. We provide cozy, darkened classrooms where our youngest curl up in soft cuddly blankets from home, listen to soft lullabies, hugging well loved comfort animals/toys, and nap. For those who do not actually sleep there is a quiet rest time. Soft music, books on tape, classic literature read aloud or retreating into their own little world for a short time before coming together again for quiet activities.

The afternoon is special in that it is a time to explore and discover unencumbered by structure and expectation. Free play and personal interaction with teachers add a special quality not experienced during larger group and structured activities.

Staff plan very loose activities to allow for a quick clean up during a time of staggered departure. Winding down the day while inspiring growth and development and encouraging the skills of the children to share their day’s adventures with their families at home.